Architecture and Interior Design of Residential and Public buildings (design, detailed drawings, supervision).
Design Development of Interior, Furniture, Light fixtures, etc.
2017 - Up to date --  Architect, Founder, AB "PK AID", Moscow.
Design for:
YANDEX Open Terrace 350 m2, Moscow Business Center "Avrora", Sadovnicheskaya str. 82 c 2, block A, 9th floor.
PK AID Own Office space 42 m2, Moscow, LOFT Garden.

VITRA Showroom 250 m2, Moscow, ARMA.
2007 - 2013  Chief Architect, Partner, AB "ARKAIM-M", Moscow.
Interior Design of Public buildings:
Glenmark Office space 880 m2, Moscow Business Center "Vivaldi Plaza", Letnikovskaya str. 2, block 3, 2d floor.
Shopping Mall Common areas 4000 m2, Moscow, 24 km MKAD, Inner side.
KPMG Almaty Office space 3700 m2, Almaty Business Park "Koktem-2", Fonvizin str. 17A.
KPMG Office space, Moscow City, Embankment Tower, Block C - 39-42 floors, 7600 m2; Block B - 10-12 floors,
3090 m2.
Sanofi Aventis Office space 1030 m2, Moscow City, Embankment Tower, Block B - 7th floor.
Johnson & Johnson Training center 200 m2, Moscow Business Park "Krylatskie hills", Block C - 1st floor.
2001 - 2007  Lead Architect, AB "ABD Architects", Moscow. (
Public buildings and Interior Design, mainly offices from 500 to 13000 m2, among them such as:
KPMG, Bacardi-Martini, Johnson & Johnson, LUKOIL Chemical, Glencore, Standard & Poors and others.
1999 - 2001  Freelance Architect.
Design of apartments, town houses, interior, furniture.
1998  MARCHI (Moscow Architectural Institute) Diploma Work "The Berlin Wall as a linear center". Urbanism.
1998  Practice in Architectural Bureau "Studio 19", Moscow.
1996 - 1998  Practice in Architectural Bureau "Baukanzlei", Berlin, Germany. (
2 realized projects: Cultural center in Perleberg and Workshop Building at the School of Fine Arts in Weissensee, Berlin.
1990 - 1998  MARCHI (Moscow Architectural Institute) Faculty of Residential and Public buildings.